Staying in a bed and breakfast can help you to save your travel budget

ImageStaying at a lodge during a short holiday trip to the capital city might be troublesome for you. You can therefore make your mind to stay in a budget bed and breakfast in New Delhi. This type of accommodation offers a perfect place to the tourists to enjoy themselves if they are halting at a place at least for one day. Such kinds of hotels are really beautiful with plush interiors and stylish furniture.

 A number of bed and breakfast in Delhi have come up which falls within your budget and can offer you the best stay while you are in the capital city. Some of the bed and breakfast hotels near New Delhi airport are self service. It means that you will neither be accompanied by a butler to your room nor there will be a porter who will be carrying your luggage. All functions you will have to perform by yourself. However, there might be staff who might serve you lunch as well as dinner.

A bed and breakfast Delhi is less costly in comparison to all the other hotels in the city. They are specially made for a particular set of people who come with the objective of staying in a hotel for less time. One of the most interesting features of these hotels are that the breakfast is really very delicious and are prepared by chefs after cooking them with healthy food ingredients.

In some of the advanced countries of the world, the concept of bed and breakfast has totally gone to a different level. For Instance: In Settle, there are a number of Bed and Breakfast hotel in the form of houseboats.

 HOME@F37 is a hotel located at the heart of South Delhi. You can book the rooms here in advance to your visit. All the rooms are clean and are decorated with intricate designs.

Low Budget Hotel in Delhi will make your stay comfortable

Most of the people staying in other parts of India have a perception that New Delhi is the costliest city in India as far as the accommodation is concerned. They think that even the low budget hotels will burn a hole in their pocket, but this is a wrong perception; accommodation in Delhi is never a costly affair. There are a number of accommodation options here whose rates are designed exactly according to your estimated travel budget. Hence, you will never think twice before staying at a hotel.

A number of budget hotels in Delhi near the New Delhi Railway station make it easier for the people to make their stay convenient as well as comfortable. You can find a number of such hotels near Patparganj area. Every month, thousands of students come to the capital city to appear for various competitive examinations. These cheap hotels in Delhi have sufficient number of rooms and space to accommodate them.

It is not only the students who arrive here; there are even a large number of tourists who regularly visit here from foreign countries to explore this historical city. Historical monuments like Qutub Minar, Red Fort and India Gate are mainly on their travel list. The Tourism Ministry of Delhi has set up a number of hotels for the foreign tourists where they can stay for a few days on their tour to India. Some of these hotels have also got money exchange counter, sightseeing facility as well as traditional delicacies of different countries which are prepared by expert chefs.

HOME@F37 is your address for a perfect holiday in New Delhi. The hotel has 21 rooms and thereby provides the perfect place for the couples by providing them a secluded and romantic place to stay. The hotel is in close proximity with the Metro Station as it is located only at a distance of 200 meters.

Cheap Hotels in South Delhi have all kinds of amenities for the tourists

South Delhi is a place which is bursting with activity one time or the other. This part of New Delhi is livelier as majority of the interesting tourist attractions is situated here. There has not been a single tourist who has visited the capital city without going to the wonderful attractions of this place. Accommodation has never been an issue, as a number of cheap hotels in south Delhi which have come up in places like Malviya Nagar, Saket and GK 2. All of these hotels are equipped with the most modern amenities and just provide an ideal ambience for a luxurious stay.

Keeping in mind about the need of the guest and the purpose of visit, a number of budget hotels in south Delhi have also been set up. The tariff rates of these rooms are really low and are specially made in order to accommodate the tourists for a minimum time depending upon their purpose such as a short stay for visiting a social function or a week’s stay to visit any relative who is admitted in a nearby hospital.

One of the most important benefits of the hotels in south Delhi is that they are clean as well as hygienic. Whether it is a guest house in south Delhi or a low budget hotel, no compromise is made as far as the cleanliness is concerned. Care is taken for each need of the customer so that they do not face any kind of problem while staying at the hotel. Some of the hotels also offer a variety of Indian cuisines from different states of India so that guests do not miss the flavor of their home made food.

HOME@F37 is a hotel located in East of Kailash at South Delhi. You can book your room here online and can also choose the type of room you want to stay in. The hotel is just a few minutes away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport and can be reached easily. Rates of the room fall within your budget and you will have a wonderful time staying here.

How to Choose The Best Cheap Hotel for a Wonderful Stay

ImageA traveler cannot stay without finding an appropriate place for lodging. A Hotel serves his purpose by giving him a good accommodation along with all the facilities as desired by him. It is a place that involves an effective combination of convenience and luxury. After a tiresome and hectic journey schedule, a traveler can only lie down at a comfortable bed in hotel and have a deep sleep.

While there are a variety of hotels that are currently present, but many people prefer to stay in cheap hotels. The word ‘cheap’ means less costly but it does not mean a degradation of quality of the services rendered. They provide the best services and utmost care is taken for each need of the tourists.

While choosing a cheap hotel, there are always some important factors that travelers need to keep in mind. Pricing plays an important part in choosing the type of hotel where you want to reside. If you are concerned about pricing then do a bit of research on the internet in order to get a fair idea about the tariff rates of the room. Landing up in a hotel without having a fair idea might end you up spending more money than your estimated budget.

Location is another important factor. Most of the cheap hotels in Delhi offer lodging to the tourists at places which are near to the point of transportation such as the railway stations or the Inter State Bus Terminus. The benefit of such locations for hotels is that tourists can easily catch their trains or buses to their respective points of destination. However, you can also choose such hotels depending upon various factors like the proximity of markets, places of interests and police stations.

It is a very well known fact that in a cheap hotel, the amenities which will be provided to you will not be luxurious; but it is important to you to look for basic amenities. A cheap hotel always consists of the basic facilities such as clean rooms, air conditioning and a tea maker. You should never expect any luxurious facilities from here such as WI-FI facilities, a gym or a spa. If you are visiting with your family, then you should make sure that the rooms are clean and hygienic.

The most important thing that you should never forget to check in the hotel is the amount of security it provides. It means that no one should be able to get access to your rooms without seeking the permission of the hotel staff or at the reception. Moreover, you should also look out for some other security features such as arrangement of emergency situations. It is important that there should be a fire extinguisher or an important exit point through which all the guests can make a smooth exit in case there is a fire break out or any kind of emergency situations.

Hence, keeping in mind the four factors as mentioned above, you can stay in one of the best cheap hotels.

HOME@F37 is one of the best cheap hotels in south Delhi which offers an array of facilities to the customers. Among all the Delhi budget hotels, this hotel is ranked high in terms of customer service.

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A low budget accommodation is a good lodging option for the traveler

ImageGeorge Bernard Shaw, the famous play writer said “The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.” This is truly a highly acclaimed word as staying in a hotel gives a feeling away from the home. Over the centuries, the hotel has served as the ultimate accommodation to people when on a holiday trip.

Whenever people travel to another place for spending a holiday, they like to stay in a comfortable place where a number of facilities are present. A Budget accommodation is a type of hotel which is usually ranked one star. Room rates of such hotels are comparatively cheaper than the other ones and the facilities of such hotels are confined only to a single bed, iron board and a water bottle.  Tourists or travelers, who have to halt at a place for a few hours as a part of their travelling, usually stay in such hotels.

The emergence of the low budget hotels has helped those tourists who want to spend less on accommodation and more on travelling. In order to provide guests with more convenience, the modern hotels have undergone a makeover. Some of them are now equipped with a free WI-Fi in the lounge area and also a wine bar. Since, these low budget hotels are low paying; one can often find a dearth of hotel staffs here, but that does not pose to be a problem for the tourists as most of them are self serving where the tourists are greeted by name.

What is missing in these hotels are the porters, as you will not find anyone who will carry your luggage to your hotel room. All the functions are self sufficient and users will not face any difficulty while staying in these hotels.

Getting a cheap accommodation in Delhi is not a problem at all, as the city is dotted with a number of such hotels. In a place like Delhi, where the arrival of tourists has been always at its peak, these hotels have proved to be a blessing. They offer hygienic rooms, good food and proper customer service to all the tourists arriving at the place. Hotels mostly located in the New Delhi Station Area are low budget. There are many examinees, who come to the capital city to appear for examination the previous day before the schedule and hence they stay in such hotels. The rates are low and are sufficient for a one night stay.

Delhi has always been the favorite city of those who want to seek adventure. There are a number of tourist attractions here. It is not possible to visit each one of them within one or two days. Hence, a stay at the low budget hotels can be an intelligent option for the people. If you are looking for a good lodging option while travelling on the go, then low budget hotels can serve all your needs. In Delhi, you can find a number of such hotels and do not have to go under the hassle of running from one place to another in search of such hotels.

Among the array of numerous budget hotels in Delhi, HOME@F37 provides a low budget accommodation in Delhi. Rooms inside the hotel are stylishly decorated and each one of them has luxurious amenities.

A Bed & Breakfast Hotel offers luxury and comfort at less cost

ImageBread and Breakfast Hotels are a small accommodation option for travelers, which offer them an overnight stay. It usually includes breakfast and not any other meals. They usually include ten bedrooms and are mostly available for commercial uses. Since the number of rooms is less they are often preferred by the couples in order to book their stay while out on a honeymoon. They can be booked for organizing a small get together with friends and neighbors.

As the name of such hotels suggests, you can always get some lavishly prepared breakfasts at such places. Be it oatmeal, porridge, pancake, skimmed milk, a hot coffee or pastries, these are some of the best places to taste such delicacies. There are no specific locations of such hotels as they might be situated in a particular part of the city or even in a house boat like the ones in Seattles. Most of them have got their private bedrooms and bathrooms for the tourists. Such hotels mainly consist of three types of rooms: deluxe, en-suite and standard. Some other special facilities like Jacuzzis and shower are also present.

A Bed and Breakfast Hotel can hence be called as a perfect combination of a home and a luxury hotel where the owner tries to provide the best of both the worlds to the person or persons staying in it. Such hotels are mainly prepared to offer a short stay to people such as the business travelers or to college students who are looking for a temporary accommodation for a few days.

In India the concept of Bread and Breakfast Hotels many emerged at the time of the Common Wealth Games that was held in the country during 2010. Due to the dearth of many hotels, it had become difficult to find an appropriate place to accommodate such a large number of sportspersons as well as delegates. It was at that time when many budget bed and breakfast hotels in New Delhi came up. These hotels had all the luxurious amenities and had successfully been able to serve the needs of all the tourists. Since then, a large number of Bed and Breakfast have come up in the city and all across India.

There lies a huge scope of Bread and Breakfast Hotel in India. According to a report released by the Worlds Trade Organization, it is said that by the year the Indian Hospitality sector is expected to grow up to US$ 36 billion due to the increasing number of arrival of foreign tourists in the country. The benefit of staying in such hotels is that all the services are personalized and some of them also allow you to get an idea of the Indian tradition as the rooms are decorated with rooms that have wall paintings of Indian culture and history. Foreign Tourists can also taste Indian cuisines which are prepared by expert chefs.

There are a number of other facilities that are offered by such hotels such as online booking facility which helps the tourists to book their room.

HOME@F37 is one of the closest hotels near Delhi airport. It offers a luxury accommodation to all the tourists. It is a low budget bed and breakfast in Delhi, which is located at the heart of South Delhi in East Kailash.

Guest Houses are the best option to stay while on a short trip

ImageThe idea of living in a guest house might be an age old concept, but it continues to charm travelers from other countries and states by providing them a homely atmosphere. The specialty of staying in a guest house is its warm surroundings, delicious food and pleasant interiors of room which we crave for while we are on a tour, away from our home. Over the years, guest house has served as a special accommodation option to the tourists.

Today, guest houses have modernized their looks and have brought a new change in the way they deliver service to the customers. Today, we can find farm houses that serve as the ultimate accommodation for people who are going for a short trip in the nearby area not too far from their city.

A guest house can be used for a variety of purposes such as for providing temporary student accommodation or for providing a shelter to the family members of any patient who is admitted at a nearby hospital. Unlike a hotel, where there a lot of staffs to take care of the needs; in a guest house the number of staff may be less but they offer excellent services and take care of their guests by paying attention to their needs.

New Delhi, being the capital city of India receives a large number of tourists every year. There is hardly any time of the year, when you will not see tourists in this city. They come here for a variety of purpose. Sometimes for a holiday trip, some of them come for business purposes where as some of them come for attending important functions. South Delhi is a quite popular place here as it has got majority of the tourist attractions. Starting from the historical monuments to the shopping malls, eateries and night clubs there are a plenty of places for the tourist to visit in this place.

In order to accommodate a large number of tourists, there are many guest houses that have been set up in this part of the city. A guest house in south Delhi has got all the basic amenities that a tourist needs. The staffs of the hotels are proficient in their services and provide excellent customer service. Even special arrangements like guides or language translator are present in such guest houses.

As far as the rooms are concerned, they are hygienic and have got all the modern amenities such as a Wi fi facility, air conditioner, LCD TV and many such luxurious facilities. Keeping in mind about the entertainment factor of the tourists, some of the guest houses have even introduced a cocktail bar as well as a playing room for kids. Even the facility of online booking is available for the tourists so that they do not have to face the hassle of standing in long hours at the queue near the booking counter.

Even 24 hours parking facilities are available for the tourists so that people visiting the hotel from the nearby areas through cars can place their vehicles.

HOME@F37 is a guest house in Delhi that has 21 bedrooms and offers a cozy environment to tourists looking for privacy. It is one of the nearest Hotels in south Delhi from the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

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